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Tijuana Tourism Guide

CECUT(Centro Cultural Tijuana)

A cultural icon where you can appreciate the history of Baja California, expositions and visual arts, national and international, it also counts with an Omnimax Theater and a Show room.

CECUT Centro Cultural Tijuana Mexico


Revolution Avenue(Down Town)

The most famous street in Tijuana. This famous avenue was built in 1889 and since its inception, has been a meeting point for all tourists in its variety of handicrafts, restaurants and night life.

In addition to the purchases that you can make, in the revolution avenue you found a variety of important restaurants, where you will be able to taste international cuisine or enjoy our traditional Mexican food with mariachi, trio or northern band!

Caesar's Hotel

Birthplace of famous Caesar salad. One of the most traditional hotels in Tijuana. It was opened in 1930 by Mr. Caesar Cardini, and is famous for being the birthplace of the Caesar salad, recognized worldwide for its exquisite taste.

Revolution Avenue Tijuana Down Town Tourism


Zona Rio Tijuana Baja California

Just at 3 minutes from the International Boarder, Zona Rio represents the modern Tijuana. In her you will find Shopping Mole Centers, where you will be able to find great stores, restaurants, banks and travel agencies departmental.

Also you will find a Plaza Financiera located all the most important banks of the country, as well as the regional offices of great national and international companies financial. Zona Rio counts in addition on an important hotel infrastructure, here are located the most of the hotels of 5 and 4 stars with capacity to lodge congresses, exhibitions or meetings of work.

If you are looking for learn more about Baja California culture, Zona Rio lodges the Cultural Center Tijuana CECUT, where continuously are exhibitions of regional art, theater, classic and contemporary music, with a spectacular architecture include a museum, theater, shopping area and one of the few planetary cinemas in the world.

The same way Zona Rio is host of more than 30 restaurants with a great variety of cuisine including Italian, Japanese, Thailander, Chinese kitchen, and sure our original Mexican cuisine with a tijuanenese touch. Iit thus make of Zona Rio a prominent gastronomical zone in the region.

Zona Rio, offers great possibilities for get fun, you can found many discotecas, bars and lounges where you can listening your favorite music or applauding to international figures in which every week present some scene of the city. By these and more reasons, Zona Rio is considered the most important commercial zone of Tijuana.

Zona Rio Tijuana Mexico Tourism

Monumental plaza fiesta brava (Tijuana Beach)

Is an important attraction of the city in the bullring by sea side.

Enjoy the season Taurine, is a special experience for visitors.

The bullring closest to the sea around the world, our Monumental Plaza Fiesta Brava enjoys its season, the art and passion brought together in one place!

Besides enjoying this great show, the " Plaza Monumental de Playas de Tijuana" is the best place for events, whether musical or even religious.

Tijuana invite you to enjoy the things you can see in this piece of history of our city.


Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The oldest church in the city. This church was opened in 1902 in 1964 was elevated to cathedral, which continued in construction to be completed as it is today.

Zona Rio Tijuana Mexico Tourism


Jai Alai

Edificio histórico desde 1925. Inaugurado en 1947. Este recinto estuvo dedicado durante muchos años al juego de pelota vasca. Su arquitectura es de estilo neoclásico y sigue siendo uno de los edificios más significativos de nuestra ciudad.

Jai Alai Tijuana Mexico


Crafts Center

Where you can find products from different parts of Mexico. Art Gallery of the city
Where you can appreciate the local talent show.

Crafts Tijuana Mexico





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