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Permanent Makeup also referred to as Micropigmentation, is absolutely waterproof.

Permanent makeup is the micro-implantation of mineral extract into the skin.

This ancient practice which has beautified women in Asia for centuries is now available in our office through our safe and modern technology. All of the dyes used are allergy-tested and cleared by the FDA.

How can micropigmentation enhance your appearance?

We apply special dyes through a delicate handpiece specifically designed for this procedure to accentuate your natural beauty. Using new micro-pigmentation techniques, eyebrows can be recreated using fine lines to simulate real hair. Lips are highlighted to enhance their fullness, and blemishes and scars can camouflaged.


Can also be used to simulated a natural nipple-areola complex after breast reconstruction, or place pigmentation in vitiligo patches. The pigments used for micropigmentation are available in a variety of earth and fresh tones, and can be mixed to closely match or highlight your skin tone or hair color. Keep in mind that micro-pigmentation is intended to enhance your lash line, lip line or brow, not replace your make-up.



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Hair transplantation is currently the only permanent solution to baldness in men and women. Neo Pel Hair clinic

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Providence Clinic is a center of highly specialized equipment at each of its areas, has a modern and complete operating room for the careful attention of the patient, recovery rooms are functional, comfortable and each has air conditioning, heating, and TV with integrated DVD. It has parking area for patients and families.

Neo Pel Hair clinic

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At the Dentists at Tijuana,Dent Art Center and Family Dental care can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted the SAME DAY. With a range of advanced techniques and state-of-the-art facilities,Dentists at Tijuana is your best option for personal and affordable dental care.
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