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Platinum Light Blue, the result of the latest technological research, uses this exclusive intense blue light to destroy acne’s propioni- bacteria, safely, quickly and efficiently.

This special light beam starts off a natural production of porphiryn which in turn attacks and destroys the propioni-bacteria.

• Faster result than the usual treatments

• Painless and without side effects

• Quick treatments (10 - 15 minutos )

Platinum Light The Platinum

Light system is the result of the most recent technological researches, which uses an exclusive pulsed light that allows a gradual removal of unwanted hair.

This special light beam aims to obtain a permanent inactivation of the dermal papilla, the hair nutriet, in its anagen phase. Thanks to the special handpiece the hair is hit directly with short but deep light impulses. It is also possible to regulate the power according to skin and hair type.

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Hair transplantation is currently the only permanent solution to baldness in men and women. Neo Pel Hair clinic

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Providence Clinic is a center of highly specialized equipment at each of its areas, has a modern and complete operating room for the careful attention of the patient, recovery rooms are functional, comfortable and each has air conditioning, heating, and TV with integrated DVD. It has parking area for patients and families.

Neo Pel Hair clinic

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At the Dentists at Tijuana,Dent Art Center and Family Dental care can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted the SAME DAY. With a range of advanced techniques and state-of-the-art facilities,Dentists at Tijuana is your best option for personal and affordable dental care.
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